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But What IS a TV Antenna?

You might be hearing more buzz recently about TV antennas thanks to ATSC 3.0 advancements, NEXTGEN TV and cord cutting as it continues to grow, but do you really know what they are? Where they came from, or how they work today? Let’s take a deep dive into the past in order to shine a […]

New York Post Feature: Millennials Canceling Netflix for TV Antennas

Our founder and CEO, Richard Schneider, spoke with the New York Post about the rapid adoption of TV antennas among Millennial and Gen Z consumers as they seek out alternatives to costly streaming services. With inflation rates at the highest in their lifetimes, millennials and Gen Zers are starting to evaluate their spending and turning […]

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We Love PBS!

We talk about free TV a lot here—it’s kind of our thing—so it’s only right we take some time to talk about the Public Broadcasting Service, known lovingly across the United States as PBS. While many remember growing up on PBS, it’s actually been around a little less than 50 years. Nevertheless, if you’re considering […]

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The Royal Wedding is Here!

It’s no secret: Americans are obsessed with the British. Though we had messy points in our past (hello, 1776) we’ve put behind us, while 23 million Americans tuned in for the last royal wedding. And the numbers are expected to be similar for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding on Saturday, May 19th. Long before […]