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Antennas Direct - TV Antennas Reinvented

Our line of TV antennas are the world's most comprehensive and powerful antennas you can find. Our specialists will help you choose the best TV antenna for your home or office. With a heritage in over-the-air antennas specifically tuned for core DTV frequencies, Antennas Direct has invested major resources into the discovery and implementation of new antenna designs for digital reception.

Featured Products

DB8e Bowtie

Extreme Long Range Outdoor Bowtie Mutli-Directional Digital TV Antenna.

The DB8e Extreme Long Range antenna is the most powerful HDTV antenna in the world with a range of 70+ miles and unsurpassed gain of 17.4 dBi! This multi-directional Bowtie antenna has specially designed brackets that allow the two panels to target broadcast towers in separate directions.

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ClearStream 2V

Long Range Indoor/Outdoor Broadband Multi-Directional Digital TV Antenna

The ClearStream 2V has a unique integrated diplexer to take on the challenge of combining broad spectrum signals. It has a 50+ mile range and is the ideal antenna for suburban installations challenged with receiving signals through heavy foliage outdoors or roofing materials in attic installations.

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