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Antennas Can Benefit Cable and Satellite Subscribers

If you subscribe to cable or satellite, you might think that having an HDTV antenna is irrelevant. However, some owners of high-end systems complain that the signals coming from their provider aren't giving them the picture quality they expected. This is due to compression algorithms used by cable and satellite providers to squeeze more channels -particularly local channels, which you receive for free in high-definition with a TV antenna- into their allotted bandwidth. The compression of these local channels often results in a picture that is cut and has less detail than what the corresponding over-the-air broadcast signal transmits.

For videophiles who have already spent a great deal of time and money on their home-theater systems, it is best to invest in a top-of-the-line HDTV antenna. Antennas are also a great backup in cases of dangerous weather. During severe weather, most often the cable signal drops out or the satellite system fades due to rain, snow, or other factors, but with a TV antenna, you can watch local news and get the latest forecast in high-definition. In addition, an antenna will provide service to a secondary TV in houses where cable or satellite are not distributed.

To learn more about installing or setting up an HDTV antenna in tandem with cable or satellite, call or email our Connection Crew.