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Welcome to the Learning Center - where you can discover more about antennas and the technology that drives them. Browse the links to left for helpful advice for buying, installing and configuration of your antenna and accessories. Or Contact Us for personal assistance.

With digital television, antenna technology is making great strides at a fast pace. Antennas Direct is at the forefront of staying ahead of the game and is constantly developing and testing new designs to offer our customers smaller antennas with improved performance and aesthetics.

Educating our customers about our products and the overall industry is the key to our success. Browse our Learning Center, which includes information on antenna technology and our products, as well as access to the Antennas Direct Blog.


Read more about the history of antennas, the technology that sets Antennas Direct antennas apart and in-depth white papers on various subjects pertaining to over-the-air reception.


Stay updated on the latest news and information about antennas and Antennas Direct including consumer articles and reviews.

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