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Save Money with Antennas Direct and Go on a Summer Trip!

Thinking about taking a well-earned break from it all? Do you find yourself restlessly clicking through all those bookmarks in your browser about how to save some extra cash? We’ve done the math, and the average monthly cable bill is currently at $100 or more. That isn’t just pocket change, this kind of monthly expense could add up to some serious savings when you cut the cord and watch all your favorite shows using a TV antenna!

The weather is finally nice and summer is with us, so, to give you an idea of what you can do with the cash you save from one year of cord cutting thanks to your HDTV antenna – that’s $1200! – we decided to come up with three cool cities you can visit. Plus, you can bring the ClearStream FLEX Amplified TV antenna with you on your road trip, to use in your RV or hotel room, and still watch all your favorite shows while you travel!

We did some research and found a unique Airbnb choice, some links to fun activities, and a great place to eat or have a drink for each city. With a simple coaxial cable connection and a channel scan on the TV, you can watch ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, PBS, including expanded programming in your Airbnb or hotel room, all for free. Check out the options we’ve put together for you below and get inspired to do some serious saving…or traveling!

 Nashville, Tennessee

Music City is one of the #1 summer fun staple cities. It is centrally located and within driving distance for many in the Midwest, and there are always activities going on that are free to attend! This makes for a great destination for a road trip and a five-night stay on a $1200 budget.

Airbnb option:

Music City  Must-see:

Fabulous local dining option:

Helpful Nashville resource:

Denver, Colorado

Mountains are beautiful, and it’s no secret that the Mile-High City is an awesome location to visit, especially for the music-lovers and outdoor explorers! Catch an unforgettable concert at Red Rocks amphitheater, visit a craft brewery, attend a festival, go on a hike, and experience a kayaking trip. You won’t have a hard time finding a refreshing and thrilling activity to clear your mind.

Airbnb option:

Sights to see:
Red Rocks Amphitheatre:

Denver Zoo:

Botanic Gardens:

Ratio Beerworks:

 Austin, Texas

Otherwise known as the “live music capital of the world”, Austin is famous not only for its live music, but also the art scene, BBQ, coffee, and so much more. They’re famous for their building architecture and design, but also commended for being a big city with a small home town feel.

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Fun to-do list:

Great places to eat:

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A must-see in Austin:
Baylor Street Art Wall: