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Be Ready for the Next Carriage Dispute – Don’t Be Left in the Dark!

Earlier this month, millions of cable subscribers across the United States were hit with yet another blackout of their favorite broadcast television stations. These episodes, called “carriage disputes”, are happening way too frequently these days. They are caused by the failure of corporate giants to reach an agreement on just how much cable providers are willing to pay to carry broadcast networks like ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX on their system. The latest dispute involved Spectrum cable and Tribune, who held TV viewers in 24 markets hostage for more than a week, depriving them of broadcast television programming – including the NFL playoffs!

The main problem we have with this is that these disputes are over prices for channels that their customers get for FREE with a TV antenna. We have a hard time understanding how they can justify punishing their customers over a service they can easily get without them (and for FREE – have we mentioned that?) While many viewers sat on the sidelines in anger, others were out there actively spreading the word about HDTV antennas. As conversations unfolded on social media, we were so pleased here at Antennas Direct to see so many TV lovers and cord-cutters extolling the virtues of antennas, sharing their wisdom with the legions of disconnected Spectrum victims who were facing a blank screen.

As conversations unfolded on social media, we saw many common questions and themes repeated. We thought we’d take the opportunity to capture them for you here!

What TV stations will I get?

When introduced to the idea of an antenna, many people first wondered what they’d be able to watch. An HDTV antenna will generally allow you to receive over-the-air broadcast television from major networks. That means your local ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and CW affiliates will be available, depending on your location. In addition, there are many other channels you may not have heard of, such as Cozi, Comet, Justice, Ion, Stadium, Bounce, and many others! You can visit our TV Antenna Selector Page to see a list of stations in your area, and our Connection Crew is available 7 days a week to answer any questions you may have about reception and which antenna may be best for your location.

How much does it cost?

Depending on the type of antenna you choose and the range you need for your location, HDTV antennas from Antennas Direct start at just $39.99 for indoor antennas, and $59.99 for outdoor models. That’s it. It’s a one-time, low-cost investment that will allow you to watch over-the-air, broadcast television for FREE from that moment on. There are no monthly fees, and we even offer a lifetime warranty on our antennas, which means a lifetime of reliable viewing pleasure for you.

Are we talking about the old rabbit-ear antennas like my grandma used to have?

The rabbit ears you’re reminiscing about are exactly how Antennas Direct got started. We reinvented the rabbit ear and we’ve taken the concept of antennas into the future, re-engineering the technology for the way signals are broadcast today, developing products that have scientific data to back up our performance claims. Antennas Direct antennas provide viewers with the highest probability of receiving the maximum number of channels available. Our long-lasting materials, the R&D behind every design, and our fantastic customer service team are why our antennas consistently out-perform every competing antenna on the market (or in your grandmother’s basement).

How do I set it up?

Setting up an indoor antenna is as simple as plugging in the coaxial cable to the back of your television, aiming it towards the towers in your area (we have an app to help you do that!), and doing a channel scan. Some newer televisions complete the scan automatically, so you may not even need that step! An outdoor antenna can be plugged into the wiring that may already exist in your home if you had cable or satellite before and mounted in your attic or on your roof.

Will it work where I live?

We mentioned our wonderful Connection Crew above, and this is just the kind of question they love to answer for people! Not only will you get a real person on the phone or on the live chat through our website, they will help you assess your specific situation, they can give you pointers on which antenna will work best for your location, what (if any) amplification you may need, and provide phone or online support to walk you through the set-up process to maximize performance. The Connection Crew, available 7 days a week, is located in St. Louis, Missouri, and staffed with an amazing group of antenna gurus who have helped customers through just about every situation imaginable.

It doesn’t seem like carriage disputes are going to stop happening any time soon. You can be ready when the next one strikes with a high-definition TV antenna from Antennas Direct. Our award-winning, number-one-rated line of indoor and outdoor antennas will bring your favorite programs, live sports, and news into your home, while delivering the best picture quality and reliability available on the market. Use your antenna as a backup for cable, or better yet, cut the cord altogether! We like to say that “broadcast television is the new basic cable”, with many markets receiving 40, 50, and even 100 channels for free, over-the-air. Don’t be held hostage by cable. Join the cord-cutter crowd today!