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The Number of Homes with Live Pay-TV Service is down to 71% in 2021 – from 82% in 2016

We already knew that cord cutters are the smartest trailblazers but seeing even more facts supporting that is a great feeling! TV Technology recently covered new consumer research from the Leichtman Research Group, reporting an ongoing drop in pay-TV, with only 71% of TV households nationwide having some form of pay-TV service in 2021.

That is a SIGNIFICANT drop in just 5 years, from the 82% in 2016 and 87% in 2011! The younger demographic had an even larger decline, with only 64% of 18-44-year-old adults subscribing to pay-TV. In comparison, that same age group in 2016 was at 77%!

Here are a few more key highlights from the report that are just pure music to our ears:

  • 41% of those surveyed that moved in the past year do NOT currently have a pay-TV service
  • 35% of renters do NOT have a pay-TV service.
  • 25% of homeowners do NOT have pay-TV service.
  • In the 18-34 age range, 28% of non-subscribers formerly HAD pay-TV service and 54% of pay-TV non-subscribers never did .
  • 37% of all TV sets in use have a traditional pay-TV providers’ set-top box. In 2016, it was 58%.

Moral of this survey: The percentage of U.S. homes with pay-TV service has greatly declined over the past five years, especially among younger adults, renters, and movers. If you’re asking us to predict the future, we think it’s a pretty safe bet to say these numbers will continue to decline as cord-cutting becomes the new norm. With continued education on ways to enjoy over-the-air television for FREE (with a TV antenna, of course), and with many streaming services available for all tastes, why would you be paying for cable TV?

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Long live FREE TV!