New York Post Feature: Millennials Canceling Netflix for TV Antennas

Our founder and CEO, Richard Schneider, spoke with the New York Post about the rapid adoption of TV antennas among Millennial and Gen Z consumers as they seek out alternatives to costly streaming services. With inflation rates at the highest in their lifetimes, millennials and Gen Zers are starting to evaluate their spending and turning to alternatives that might seem strange… FREE TV in the form of a TV antenna!

Now this is music to our ears. Antennas are one of the fastest growing categories in consumer electronics in 2022, and this is largely due to inflation.

“We’re hearing directly from customers that they’re having to either choose to pay for groceries or to pay for six streaming services, which is tragic,” Schneider told The Post. And what really surprises people is that with a TV antenna they can get 50 to 150 channels for free, and it’s totally legal! This is a no-brainer for those looking to save money.

With more than 40 million American households (1 in 3) currently using an antenna, and 50 million more expected by 2025, that’s a LARGE chunk of an estimated 127 million households. The issue we see is that there is still such a large percentage of the population that is still unaware that over-the-air digital TV even exists. And we hope to help educate those people and help save millions of households save MILLIONS of dollars!

Think about it… the average cable bill is $2,400 a year. If 50 million households cancel cable, that’s a combined $120 BILLION DOLLARS. You’re welcome, America!

You can read the full New York Post article HERE. And if you’re a Millennial or Gen Zer (or lets face it, honestly anyone looking for a TV antenna), give our customer service a call at 877-825-5572 and they can help you determine the best antenna for your specific location.