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We Love PBS!

We talk about free TV a lot here—it’s kind of our thing—so it’s only right we take some time to talk about the Public Broadcasting Service, known lovingly across the United States as PBS. While many remember growing up on PBS, it’s actually been around a little less than 50 years. Nevertheless, if you’re considering cutting the cord, but are not sure what TV channels you can get for free using a TV antenna, let’s look at all the great stuff you can watch from just PBS. Trust us, it’s worth it!

PBS Kids

There’s a reason PBS is known for its children’s programs, having started with such beloved family favorites, like Sesame Street and Mister Rogers, since their beginning in 1970. They’ve kept the same commitment to educating children, and grew to such an extent, that when they were able to divide PBS down into four channels, PBS Kids got a channel all of its own. If you have kids, you can trust PBS to have quality programming just for them, at no cost to you.


As the Public Broadcasting Service, PBS also provides news programming, as well as documentaries, nature shows, and more. Learning isn’t just for kids, and WORLD is a great place to go if you’re interested in discovering more of the world around you. WORLD is known for great programs like NOVA, Nature, Nightly Business Report, Frontline, Independent Lens, and POV.


Ever wanted to gain a new skill? Fix up your house? Learn to paint? Start gardening? CREATE is the channel for you. Watch chefs teach you to cook foods from all over the world, or learn to sew, or any number of things. From This Old House to Bob Ross, CREATE will inspire you do what you’ve always wanted to, and the tools to learn how.


Of course, PBS has still kept their core channel that has some children’s programming during the day, as well as shows from their other individual channels, and so much more. Watch Masterpiece to see classic stories brought to life, or tune in to see the latest of your favorite shows like Sherlock, or stunning performances from some of the nation’s best live theaters.

The point is, cable will try to convince you there’s nothing to watch on TV, and that you have to pay ridiculous amounts of money for a ridiculous number of channels that you’ll end up watching three of. It doesn’t have to be that way. Need something for the kids? PBS has you covered. Want to run across fascinating documentaries? They have that too. Can’t give up cooking shows? You don’t have to.  That’s a just a small slice of what one station has to offer, and PBS isn’t the only free TV station out there. There’s value in free TV, and all you have to do is buy a TV antenna once. Think about it.