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Rainy Day Magazine First Look at the FLEX and VIEW: Big Game GAME CHANGERS

With the Big Game right around the corner, we’re all getting prepared. The beer is chilling in the fridge, the pizza is pre-ordered and the snacks are on standby. But there’s one thing you might be forgetting… how will you be watching the game? If you want the best picture quality (who doesn’t, it’s the biggest TV event of the year), then you need an HDTV antenna.

Our friends over at Rainy Day Magazine recently posted their first look review of the FLEX and the VIEW, just in time for the football action! Whether you’re looking for a stylish antenna that is disguised as a picture frame or powerful, flexible indoor antenna, we’ve got you covered.

“The Clearstream VIEW or FLEX offerings from Antennas Direct are perfect for folks who live in the city. There is no need to run a coax cable to the outside or position something on the roof, or anything approximating effort. Both antennas can be mounted directly on an inside wall, making them easy to integrate into any decor.”

Both antennas offer 50+ mile range and are easy to install. The last thing you want when preparing for the Big Game is to be climbing on your roof or running cable. No need with the FLEX and the VIEW!

Check out Rainy Day Magazine’s first look HERE, and if you’re looking to cut the cord before the biggest night of the year, we’re here for you. You can purchase the VIEW and FLEX on our website!



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