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Free TV, Be My Valentine

Ahhh, Valentine’s Day. A day of romance, love, and spending too much money on chocolates, diamonds, and who knows what else. Seriously, have you looked to see how much you’re spending on that lovey-dovey Hallmark card? It’s outrageous! On the bright side, when you’re  a cord cutter, you have the money to spare. You can spend it however you like, but we have a little suggestion.

This year, spend Valentine’s Day with your one true love. The one that will never take you for granted, hurt you, make you sad or vulnerable. That’s right, we’re talking about your ClearStream TV antenna. The  purest love you  will ever find. Here are just a few reasons why your antenna is your #1 this Valentine’s Day:

  • Your antenna saves you nearly $1440 a YEAR.
  • Crystal clear, beautiful, high definition TV.
  • No monthly fee, no monthly upcharges, no crappy customer service.
  • Always there for you. Rain or shine.
  • Won’t talk back.
  • No drama.
  • You don’t have to hang out with their friends (seriously, they’re the WORST.)
  • You won’t have to ask, “what do you want for dinner? No, seriously, WHAT DO YOU WANT?!

Your freedom. The ClearStream HDTV antennas give you the freedom you desire.

That sounds like a romance for the books, right? This could be you. Cut the cord, celebrate Valentine’s Day with a pocket full of cash and your favorite network TV shows.

If you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with your DTV antenna, be sure to share pictures with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Match, or whatever social media platform you fancy, using #lovemyantenna.

In closing, here is a love note you can use this year, and no, we won’t charge you (because we LOVE you.)

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
Cut the cord this Valentine’s Day,
If you know what’s good for you.

(We’re no Shakespeare, but that’s pretty good!)


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