Baseball on field, How to watch the 2021 World Series

How to Watch the 2021 World Series

Buy yourself some peanuts and Cracker Jacks because you’re going to be watching the World Series for FREE thanks to your TV antenna! You read that correctly, ALL of the World Series games will be broadcast on Fox this year, meaning cord cutters won’t have to miss a single inning. Here is the full schedule […]

Halloween Specials 2021: Where and When to Watch, spooky halloween night sky with pumpkin, bat and ghost

Halloween 2021 Broadcast TV Specials

Spooky Season is here! Halloween shouldn’t just be celebrated one night, we want to enjoy it for the whole month of October! Here are a few Halloween specials you can watch on broadcast TV with just your TV antenna. We’ll be sure to update the list as more shows are announced. All times are listed […]

No Internet? No Problem.

At a glance, cutting the cord might seem intimidating. With countless streaming options and apps, there are so many possible combinations, and it could seem like a lot of maintenance. You know what’s simple? A TV antenna. One and done. Set it up, connect it to your TV, scan for channels. It really is that […]

The Lies Continue: Amazon Sellers “Hunt Down” Customers Who Leave Negative Reviews

It seems like every week there’s another article about companies pulling the wool over the eyes of customers, spinning tales, and performing questionable activities. On today’s episode of “The Lies Continue”, we’re talking about Amazon product reviews. Specifically, how some smaller, low-price, no-name products on Amazon end up with thousands of positive reviews. Fox Business […]

false antenna range claims on an internet result page

Range Claim Lies Continue

The FTC just settled a lawsuit against an antenna manufacturer who clearly never read our blog. Selling antennas under several “brands”, the NY company Wellco sold over 800,000 antennas “based on false claims and using reviews from their competitors to market their own products.” Our friends at Cord Cutting News published this article where you […]