are you quiet quitting your cable and satellite service

Surprising Rebellion of Quiet Quitters Not Ready to Cut the Cord

In today’s rapidly evolving media landscape, there exists a group of subscribers referred to as “quiet quitters.” These are consumers who continue their cable or satellite TV services yet seem to have lost their enthusiasm and have pulled back from watching. An article posted by Next TV reported on Inscape, a division of Vizio, who discovered in their Q2 TV Market Trend Report these quiet quitters make up 9% of cable/satellite households. Inscape asked “What are quiet quitters still watching on cable and satellite? Cable, satellite, and over-the-air broadcast accounts for 43.6% of TV viewing time, but 76.9% of sports viewing and 85.3% of news viewing.”

The question arises: Why do these quiet quitters opt to hold onto subscriptions that no longer seem to align with their viewing habits and preferences? This phenomenon can be attributed to a multitude of reasons:

Idleness: Some people simply stick with what they know and are used to. They’ve probably subscribed for a long time and cancelling feels like a hassle. They think it’s easier to keep paying the bill and not disrupt their existing setup.

Fear of Missing Out (FOMO): Consumers might be worried if they cancel for fear of missing out on some content they occasionally watch or they might not want to lose access to specific channels or services, even if they don’t watch them regularly.

Bundle Deals: Cable and satellite providers often bundle services like internet and phone with TV packages. Consumers are fooled into thinking it’s more cost-effective to keep the TV subscription as part of a bundle, even if they don’t use it.

Lack of alternatives: In some areas, mainly rural locations, cable or satellite TV could be the only viable option for television, so people might feel stuck with their current provider.

Cutting the cord concerns: Some consumers might be interested in canceling their pay TV service but are concerned about the transition to an antenna and streaming services, like technical issues, or a lack of access to certain content.

Ultimately, the decision to cancel cable or satellite services can be influenced by a combination of these factors, and it varies from person to person. As streaming options and TV antennas continue to grow, some quiet quitters may eventually decide to cut the cord and switch to more flexible and cost-effective alternatives.

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