USA Today's Reviewed Names the ClearStream Eclipse the BEST TV Antenna

USA Today’s Reviewed Names The ClearStream Eclipse The Best Overall TV Antenna

The brilliant team of product experts over at Reviewed put the top TV antennas to the ultimate test and we’re thrilled to see that our ClearStream Eclipse has reigned supreme as the BEST overall TV antenna!

“Of the best TV antennas we’ve tried, the ClearStream Eclipse is a consistent top performer. In our testing, we found the Eclipse was able to capture a good number of channels, but where it really stands out is in its TV reception. It’s clearer and more consistent than other antennas on our list.”

We’re so glad they noticed this, because our TV antennas are specifically tuned for the TV frequencies broadcast in North America, and all of our designs are engineered in the U.S.A. Not only is our ClearStream Eclipse the most consistent and top performing antenna, it’s also the most unique!

“Along with its performance, the Eclipse differentiates itself from the crowd thanks to its usability and cool design. In a sea of black rectangles, its elegant, circular aesthetic is a breath of fresh air. The device also features a black side and a white side, so you can choose which fits better with your home decor.”

You can read the full review HERE.

Thank you to USA Today and to Reviewed for the kind words, it’s always refreshing to see our mighty little ClearStream Eclipse top the lists and outperform the other antennas on the market.

Interested in picking up a ClearStream Eclipse or learning more? You can check it out here!