He Wants an Antenna, She Says They’re Ugly

It’s the age-old struggle when it comes to a relationship: one person wants something, and the other person has a reason, albeit usually a great reason (in their mind), why they don’t want it. So, what do you do? Sometimes you compromise, sometimes you argue, sometimes you go to therapy, and on occasion, you might just do it behind their back and hope for the best. We don’t recommend any of those options.

We want to solve the dilemma that couples face today over their entertainment options. At least, when it comes to getting a TV antenna and cutting the cord, that is. Here’s a couple scenarios we’ve heard on a few occasions:

“He wants an antenna because our cable bill is astronomical, but I think they’re an eyesore, and there’s no way I’m allowing one of those in my house. I’d rather spend the money on cable.”

“She wants to go on vacation and go shopping, but we have no money after we handover all our hard-earned cash to the cable company! When I suggested we cut the cord, she launched into a diatribe about home decor and how a TV antenna would totally throw off the aesthetic in our living room.”

Oh goodness. It doesn’t look like anyone will win in these scenarios, or will they? You guessed right! They can both win with the ClearStream VIEW Wall Frame HDTV Antenna.

The ClearStream VIEW is amplified and receives both UHF and VHF frequencies. And it’s not just any TV antenna… it’s also a wall frame! You can create a beautiful wall of memories while enjoying your favorite broadcast TV shows, for free. Don’t be fooled by its stylish looks, this advanced-performance wall frame TV antenna has the power and efficiency to receive signals 50+ miles away from broadcast towers, providing you with more channels. No more rabbit ear antennas and no need to climb on your roof, this antenna is engineered to respond to a greater range of frequencies along with a wide beam angle, so you don’t need to aim the TV antenna.

The ClearStream VIEW is available on our website at www.antennasdirect.com/VIEW for only $69.99. That’s like half of a monthly cable bill, and you’ll never have to pay for TV again! One and done!

That’s more than compromise, that’s a dream come true. We’ll go ahead and add, “saving marriages” to our resume.