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91XG Assembly Instructions

  1. 91XG AssemblyTo assemble the antenna, join the three sections of the boom using the joining brackets bolts and wing nuts. Ensure that the holes that locate the directors are on the top of the boom.
  2. 91XG AntennaPlace the black balun box on the underside of the boom and fix with thumb screw bolt provided.
  3. Attach "U" shaped tilt bracket assembly to the underside of the boom and tighten the wing nuts in the desired position. (Note this assembly can be fitted to enable either a vertical or horizontal installation, depending on your local area.)
  4. To fit the directors to the boom, line up each piece with a corresponding hole in the boom and press firmly to snap together Ensure that each director is fitted with the arrow pointing towards the front. As each director assembly is identical, it does not matter in which order they are fitted.
  5. After the directors have been fitted, attach the two large corner reflector screens to the boom by sliding the metal brackets under the head of the screw and the wing nut.
  6. Fix antenna to mast and firmly tighten all screws.

Note: Illustration shows an installation for a horizontally antenna. By changing the orientation of the tilt assembly, a Vertically mounted installation can be achieved.