Results image of TV with VIEW wall frame connected

A Picture Perfect Antenna: Tom’s Guide Reviews the ClearStream VIEW Wall-Frame HDTV Antenna

The 2018 Winter Olympics are starting this week, and best of all, you can watch all the events on broadcast TV! But something may be holding you back from getting that TV antenna you’ve been checking out: its appearance. You want all the quality of an HDTV antenna, but you want it to blend in with your décor.

Our friends at Tom’s Guide recently posted their review of the ClearStream VIEW Amplified Wall-Frame HDTV Antenna, the most stylish solution to getting high-definition TV! The VIEW disguises a powerful TV antenna as a wall frame, so it’s simple to install, and it complements the rest of your room.

“It’s a simple-yet-elegant way of concealing an HDTV antenna, which can be an ugly appendage on a svelte flat-screen TV.”

The ClearStream VIEW has a 50+ mile range, and our friends at Tom’s guide received 33 TV channels over-the-air, for free. You can check out the VIEW yourself, or read the rest of the review from Tom’s Guide here.