Mr. Muscleman of Technology’s ClearStream FLEX Review on KUSI News

On Halloween, one of the most wonderful holidays of the year (candy and costumes, duh), Carlos Amezcua reviewed the ClearStream FLEX with Sure Grip on KUSI News with Bruce Pechman. Pechman, also fondly known as Mr. Muscleman of Technology, went over six “brilliant inventions you can’t live without” as he called them, of course including the ClearStream Flex!

The ClearStream FLEX, as he points out, it reversible, either black or white, and has a range of over 50 miles, as well as being 4K ready. All you have to do is stick it to an interior wall or window and get clearer reception than cable, since the signal doesn’t have to be compressed.

Bruce Pechman calls it a brilliant invention you can’t live without—and we’re inclined to agree! Order a ClearStream FLEX today or shop at your neighborhood Lowe’s Home Improvement store and see for yourself! Thanks to Mr. Muscleman and KUSI for the kind words and promoting our ClearStream FLEX.