Results image of Woman watching Baseball with Antenna

It’s Time for One of Our Favorite Seasons: BASEBALL!

The weather is warming up, the leaves and flowers are blooming, the birds are getting busy, and this means it’s time for two of our favorite words: Play Ball!

MLB Opening Day is today, March 29th, and for many Americans, this is a National Holiday, so there’s no time to delay! We all know there’s LOTS of planning to do before your favorite team’s first pitch, with scheduled days off and friends gathering to prep for this tremendous event. So, if you’re not going to see the game in person and you’re a cord-cutter, how do you plan to watch the action? Well, my friends, the most reliable way, with the highest viewing quality possible: with an HDTV antenna, of course! Any MLB game shown on network TV can be enjoyed for FREE thanks to your TV antenna. That’s a pretty great deal in our opinion, but if you need to have access to ALL the games—never fear! There are streaming options for you, too, and we’ve gone and gathered all the info you need! We’re pretty cool like that.

If you’re a cord-cutter and want to watch all the baseball games through a streaming service, check out both Sling TV Blue ($25/month) and FuboTV ($45/month). However, Sling TV and FuboTV are not available in all markets, so check availability before you join. You can also check out MLB.TV with their all-inclusive package for $115.99 a year. The MLB.TV subscription will give you access to all the games your heart desires for only $10 a month.

There’s no reason to ever pay for cable or satellite service today, when so many different services allow you to watch what you want, how you want. Even Facebook has exclusive rights to 25 MLB games this year. Think of how much money you would save every month by cutting the cord. You can even calculate your savings through our website, right here. Watch live TV for FREE with an over-the-air HDTV antenna from Antennas Direct.

Happy Opening Day to all our baseball fans!