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Get Free TV. It’s Time.

Face it. We have costs and bills coming at us constantly. The second money comes in the bank; we’re sending it right back out to someone else. If you’re tired of paying outrageous bills each month for cable and satellite TV channels that you most likely never watch, there’s an alternative. And it’s simple, easy, and cheap. We’re talking about TV antennas, of course! Purchase a TV antenna for a one-time fee, plug it in, scan for channels and boom. You’re watching free, local and live broadcast television and saving on average $120 a month. We’re all about saving you money.

Our ClearStream Eclipse indoor TV antenna has won many awards and we’ve had some awesome feedback, but it always feels great to see another review praising it’s performance. John Quain has been reviewing high-tech products for more than 25 years and is a technology correspondent for CBS News “Up To The Minute”. You know what that means? It means he knows what he’s talking about!

John recently shared an article on antennas that will get you free TV and highlighted his two favorite indoor TV antennas, and of course our ClearStream Eclipse topped the list! John loved the fact that the Eclipse came with an in-line amplifier and enjoyed the unique, elliptical shape as well as the Sure Grip that allowed the antenna to easily grip to any flat, smooth surface. Thank you to John for the kind words and choosing our Eclipse antenna as one of the best on the market.

If you’re ready to say F YOU to the cable company and start putting money back into your bank account, where it belongs, give us a call or check us out at Our ultimate goal is to save you money and help you cut the cord from your abusive cable and satellite provider. It’s time.


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