Results image of ClearStream View Antenna/Wall Frame

The Cord Cutting Report Reviews the ClearStream VIEW as One of the Best-Looking TV Antennas!

HDTV antennas are often woefully underrepresented in the world of entertainment as their more expensive counterparts, like cable, work to hog all of the attention. However, more and more people are realizing the value of using a TV antenna. There are powerful outdoor antennas, and easy-to-use indoor antennas, but until recently no one has considered that a TV antenna can be good-looking as well.

Our friends at the Cord Cutting Report have put a stop to that, introducing their three top picks for more stylish indoor antennas, including the ClearStream VIEW! They also provide helpful information on how an HDTV antenna works in your home, and that now more antenna manufacturers are designing indoor TV antennas that are focusing on style.

“The best TV antenna out of this bunch was the ClearStream VIEW for its innovative design, and overall performance. The VIEW is a TV antenna that’s hiding in plain sight without sacrificing the number of channels you can get. The performance matched the ClearStream FLEX with drawing in VHF and UHF signals.  With the VIEW, I picked up 51 channels total on the 4K HDR TCL Roku TV in my living room.”

We think the VIEW has a beautiful marriage of both functionality and stylish design, and we couldn’t agree more with their review! As they point out, the ClearStream VIEW has our patented loop design and high-performance USB in-line amplifier that saves on power consumption that our customers have loved with the ClearStream ECLIPSE, and has a lifetime warranty. Best of all, right now it is on sale for Mother’s Day!

So get 20% off the ClearStream VIEW Wall Frame Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna with coupon code with MOM20 when you order, and enjoy great style with great reception. You can read the rest of the Cord Cutting Report’s review to learn more about it too!