ClearStream View Antenna Review: Beauty and Power!

Cord cutting continues to grow, which is a trend we whole heartedly support! However, there’s no denying that many antennas are downright ugly. So there’s this struggle… do you pay out the wazoo for cable or get an ugly antenna and save thousands of dollars? Now there’s another option, the ClearStream VIEW amplified UHF/VHF indoor TV antenna. It’s an antenna that’s a wall frame!

We know, your mind is totally blown right now. And so was Luke’s over at Cord Cutters News! Luke is always on top of the trends, cord cutting news and new products, so we were thrilled to see him test out our new ClearStream VIEW. And even better, he loved the results!

“The ClearStream VIEW seems to be well made and in line with the quality of other Antennas Direct products. The ClearStream VIEW comes preassembled, all you need to do is hang it on your wall and you are ready to go… a very user friendly antenna and answers the problem people have with indoor antennas: they’re ugly. It’s an excellent antenna for the price and for people who no longer want an ugly antenna in their home, it’s perfect.”

And here’s the best sound bite from Luke,” The ClearStream VIEW is one of the most interesting antennas of 2017.” YES IT IS! Looks great and performs even better, we are extremely pleased.

You can check out Luke’s full review HERE and his video unboxing/review below. A big thank you to Luke and Cord Cutters News for taking the time to test out the VIEW!