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The HDTV Antenna that RVers Have Been Waiting For

‘Tis the season to hit the open road. For some, road-tripping means piling the family into the Metallic Pea Family Truckster and making their way to Wally World. But for those who really love travel, there’s nothing better than freely roaming these great United States in an RV. Whether it’s a high-end motor home, a roomy fifth-wheel camper, or a simple travel trailer, traveling RV-style is the best way to go on an adventure while maintaining the comforts of home. However, even though today’s over-the-road vehicles may be decked with king-sized, memory foam beds and recliners that would make grandpa jealous, the luxuries have not been extended to include reliable, crystal-clear television reception. Until now.

As the disruptors that we are, Antennas Direct became determined to make bad TV reception on the open road a thing of the past, and we’re proud to announce today that we have. Watch out (literally!) campgrounds of America, because the ClearStream™ 2 RV On-The-Go Amplified HDTV Antenna has arrived, revolutionizing the way campers everywhere will be enjoying TV across the country – in the same stunning, reliable, high-definition picture and sound that you might already be getting at home if you have one of our antennas – from their very own RVs.

The ClearStream™ 2 RV antenna continues the Antennas Direct tradition of excellence in design and research which produces the best antennas available on the market. In just the first few months of 2019 alone, several of our indoor and outdoor antenna models from the ClearStream™ line have made the tops of reviewer’s lists such as Wirecutter, CNET, IGN, Digital Trends, and the USA Today network of publications, among others. We have become well-known for our patented, award-winning antenna designs and are proud to continue the legacy by introducing this caliber of performance to the RV community, providing our extended cord-cutting family with the power to receive the best signal possible from even the most rural or remote campsites.

Chances are, seasoned and wise kings and queens of the road have found themselves frustrated when, after a long day of travel, they settle in, hoping to catch the latest episode of NCIS or This is Us, only to find that the antenna that comes already installed on their RV mast has failed them. Spotty reception and garbled sound do not make for a very relaxing evening in your personalized oasis. With the ClearStream™ 2 RV antenna, road warriors, campers, and happy families will have ease of mind knowing that they can rely on the best reception of the greatest number of channels possible, wherever they go.

It’s easy to install your new antenna on the existing elevating mast of the RV since it comes with an adaptive mast bracket, weather-resistant mounting hardware, installation coaxial cables, and step-by-step instructions as well as a handy installation video. This powerful antenna can resist winds of up to 100 miles per hour and will consistently withstand the elements while delivering a strong and reliable signal. The ClearStream™ 2 RV antenna also comes with a preamplifier to maximize range and reception of both UHF and VHF signals through dedicated, multidirectional elements, and includes a reflector to focus the antenna’s signal and provide protection against multi-path interference.

Bottom line –The ClearStream™ 2 RV On-The-Go Amplified TV Antenna is the antenna RVers have been waiting for, and it’s available today exclusively through at the limited-time introductory price of $99.99; a discount of $40 from the regular price. Order online today!