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Springtime Checkup: 3 Steps to Make Sure Your Antenna is Performing Its Best!

In spite of everything, Spring has sprung at last!  

The turn of the season is filled with things like warmer weather, the return of wildlife, and the Earth waking up all around us -this year especially- but it also brings heavy showers in April and in many places very strong winds, all of which can affect OTA TV reception. With all the tips, tricks, and ideas circulating around projects to do at home these days, now is also a great time to check on your antenna installation!  

Spring is an ideal time to inspect or update your TV antenna installation, so here’s a quick guide: 

  1. Check on your antenna
    • If you have an outdoor antenna, it may have shifted due to strong winds. Using our free Antenna Point app or our Transmitter Locator webpage, verify your antenna is still pointed towards the largest number of broadcast towers in your area.  
    • While you’re doing that, make sure the antenna is still securely installed and there are no loose bolts or screws in your installation. 
    • If you have an indoor antenna, check every part of your antenna installation for any moisture, dust, or debris to ensure the best reception all year round. 
  2. Check your coaxial cable connections
    • Loose coaxial cable connections can affect the quality of the signal you’re seeing on your television, so make sure to go over every connection point in your antenna setup and verify no coaxial cable connection points have loosened over time.  
  3. Scan for channels
    • As an antenna owner, you probably already know to scan for channels every now and then to make sure you’re still getting every channel available in your area. Every time you make any changes, updates, or move any part of your antenna setup, you need to scan for channels.  
    • In addition to the elements of Spring being a great reminder to do this, recent developments in broadcast television means some channels are shifting frequencies, so you should be doing this more frequently these days anyway. Visit our webpage to find out more about this.

As always, Antennas Direct has your back. If you need any help with your antenna installation or you would like to find out more about receiving HDTV signals for free, contact our Connection Crew, available 7 days a week.  

Happy Spring!