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Some Local TV Stations Are Moving Frequencies


Here’s What You Need to Know!

What’s Happening

-Broadcast TV stations are moving to new frequencies to make more airwaves available for wireless internet services. If you watch television for free with an antenna, you need to rescan your TV set each time a station moves to continue receiving that channel.

-You will not need to purchase a new antenna, equipment, or services. After you rescan, you’ll find the moved station on the same channel number.

Rescan to Keep Your Channels

-Press the "Setup" or "Menu" button on your television or converter box’s remote control. (For detailed instructions, see the owner’s manual for your specific device.)

-Select "Channel Scan" or "Autotune" from the settings menu on your TV or converter box to start the scanning process.

-Tip: The actual channel number that you see will not change.

Stay Informed

You can sign up for free notifications when your local channels change frequency. Because TV stations are moving at different times, you may need to rescan your TV more than once. Please stay tuned to your local channels for information on when to rescan.

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