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We Got a Smart TV for Christmas…Now What?

Your New Smart TV + A ClearStream TV Antenna = The Perfect TV-Viewing Experience

This year, you may be one of scores of Americans who woke up Christmas morning to the gift of a brand-new smart TV. You may be dazzled by the updated features, marveling at the size of the screen, feeling thrilled about all of the options you now have at your fingertips… We can picture the scene! After the whole unboxing process with the flurry of wrapping paper, Mom or Dad sitting intently with the remote trying to enter all the correct passwords to set up Netflix, Disney+, and the like, skimming through all of the menu options, you may be asking yourself what “Live TV” is (or “Antenna TV”, as some platforms call it). Familiar options like Amazon Prime, YouTube, and Hulu are all there, but there’s more to that new smart TV than just streaming apps. This is where your live, local, over-the-air broadcast television lives.

The platforms on these new televisions make it easier than ever to access a variety of input devices simply by scrolling through the app-like tiles that appear on the Home screen. Smart TV developers are catching on to what their customers want, and many have integrated the cord-cutting trend into the setup process. Upon turning on your new smart TV for the first time, you may be prompted to connect an antenna, select the input mode right away so you don’t have to go looking for it, or it may even detect when a TV antenna is connected and automatically perform the necessary channel scan for you! For many, OTA TV is the easiest of all the TV-viewing options to consume television. Here are some reasons why:

  • There are no passwords to remember – No need to scroll around or grapple with the on-screen keyboard.
  • A TV antenna simply connects to the back of the TV using standard coaxial cable.
  • Once an antenna is connected to the TV and the correct input is chosen, a manual channel scan is easily done in a matter of minutes, but some recent smart TVs will detect a TV antenna and complete the channel scan for you.
  • Some smart TV models also add ‘favorite’ or most-frequently-viewed channels to your Home screen. Smart TVs also include 24-hour channel guides, making it easier than ever to find your favorite programs.
  • If you need to know where to point or place your antenna for the best reception, (or the free app) will show you the locations of the towers nearest you as well as a complete list of available channels.
  • In some areas, over 100 channels are available for FREE over the air from local broadcast towers.
  • Broadcast television is transmitted in Full HD 1080p – far superior to what most cable and satellite providers can offer, due to signal compression.
  • No credit cards or payment info to enter – A TV antenna is “one and done”!

The Antenna You Choose Matters

If you’re expecting reliable, crystal-clear reception from your brand-new TV (and who wouldn’t?!), you must choose a TV antenna capable of delivering it. This isn’t something you can leave to chance. ClearStream TV antennas consistently outperform the competition and are the only antennas specifically tuned to the core-DTV frequencies broadcast across North America. Cord-cutters’ favorite brand of antennas leverage patented technology and are scientifically tested for performance and durability. Choose wisely this holiday season with a ClearStream TV antenna for the perfect television experience – Never pay for TV again!