Old Nerd Reviews The ClearStream TV

You might read that title and think, “come on now, why are you making fun of the guy, calling him an Old Nerd? That’s not very nice!” It’s his name, we swear! And not only is it his name, but he’s our favorite Old Nerd. Tony over at Old Nerd Reviews is an influencer, Advocate, YouTuber and a self proclaimed old nerd. He recently tested out our new ClearStream TV and filmed his thoughts, from the unboxing, to the first channel scan, to sitting back and watching LIVE TV for FREE!

“My wife can be in the bedroom watching her TV program and I can be out here watching a completely different program with nothing more than a splitter.”

Look at that, the ClearStream TV is saving marriages and keeping everyone happy! That’s what we like to hear.

With the holidays coming up, the ClearStream TV is the perfect gift for any cord cutter or TV lover. It’s not only easy to ease, gives you free wireless TV  to your phone, tablet or favorite streaming device, but it also allows you to pause, rewind AND Record live TV!

If you’re interested in learning more about the ClearStream TV, check out product page HERE and you can view Old Nerd Reviews full product review and setup below.