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Modern Dad Cuts Ties with Cable Using the ClearStream 2MAX and ClearStream Eclipse

Phil Nickinson at Modern Dad cut cable TV out of his life and he used the new ClearStream 2MAX and the ClearStream Eclipse to do it! Like many of us, he wanted to stop paying the cable company and he researched the best solutions to cut the cord without giving up the shows he loved.

While he did his research for the best hardware and services to use, he also kept track of his entertainment expenses to see if his family would save money by making the switch. For his over-the-air TV antenna, he chose the ClearStream Eclipse with Sure Grip because it’s not only easy to set up indoors, it was named the Best Indoor TV Antenna by With Sure Grip, the Eclipse antenna grips to any smooth surface, such as a wall or window. And, if necessary, you can peel the antenna away from the surface and place it in another location to find the best broadcast signals.

So, was cutting the cord worth it to Phil? Yes! With his new TV antenna and streaming services (Netflix, PlayStation Vue, etc.), Phil saved his family an astounding $800-$900 a year! He, his wife, and his kids can still watch everything they used to, plus he’ll save a lot of money. Sounds like a great deal, right?

If you want to find out how this Modern Dad cut cable out of his life, click on the link below for his full review. After falling in love with the ClearStream Eclipse, Phil decided to test out the ClearStream 2MAX as an outdoor option and said it worked great! If you’re ready to cut the cord yourself, check out the indoor TV antenna and the indoor/outdoor antenna for extended range.