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Learn everything you wanted to know about TV antennas!

Getting TV for free seems almost too good to be true, and a lot of people have wondered how it all works. How do TV antennas get signals? Why the switch to digital in 2009? How do you set up a TV antenna?  What TV antenna is right for you? Look no farther! In an incredible comprehensive and educational antenna video, Eric from HamRadioConcepts walks you through every step of how an antenna works, to installing it in your home.

We were impressed by how clearly and expertly Eric explained everything about TV antennas, and flattered that he chose to highlight Antennas Direct every step of the way! Not only were our antennas recommended, like our DB8e Extreme Long Range Bowtie HDTV Antenna and the ClearStream FLEX, and our antenna mount, but also our customer service!

“I really am comfortable with the people I talk to at [Antennas Direct]….and was totally impressed with their customer service. Believe me, BELIEVE ME, I worked for an install company for cable TV for years; I hated our customer service, and I worked for the company! Our customer service was horrible, and everybody said that. It wasn’t the person’s fault; it was the company’s fault. If you go to a place like [Antennas Direct], you have somebody  that’s going to help you and make sure you’re satisfied. I truly recommend”

For further support, Eric points everyone to our website for resources, including our Antenna Point app, which is now available on Android! We love when people are excited about getting broadcast TV for free, and share the good news with their friends! So watch on to learn more about TV antennas, and share to help a friend reap the benefits of free, over-the-air TV!

Eric is a YouTuber with HamRadioConcepts. Want to see some of the coolest technology from the best manufacturers in Ham radio? Visit Hamradioconcepts on YouTube.