Enter to Win a Special Prize for Mom this Mother’s Day

Do you remember the first time your mom changed your diaper, wiped your nose, washed your clothes, cleaned your room, made you a warm meal, or any of the other millions of things she did for you each day? While you might not remember all those firsts, she sure does. This Mother’s Day, you can help her create her very own wall of memories – that will also save her so much money (and you know she will remember that, too)!

Show Mom some love this year by entering her to win a ClearStream VIEW® Wall Frame Amplified Antenna + ClearStream TV™ bundle. This thoughtful package honors Mom with the gift of free, over-the-air, local broadcast television she can watch from any room in the house. The ClearStream VIEW is our beloved wall frame antenna, optimized for crystal-clear reception in high-definition for stunning picture and sound, elegantly concealed within a photo frame with a collage mat for 9 photos. This means Mom can fill it with her favorite photos of your smiling face, beloved memories, or (if we’re being honest) pictures of the dog.

Paired with this personalized wall frame, Mom will also win a ClearStream TV, which allows her to watch and record live TV on her smartphone or tablet anywhere her home WiFi network reaches, so she can place her gorgeous, photo-adorned TV antenna in the best location for reception and enjoy network programming from any room in the house.

Entering is easy! Visit the Antennas Direct Facebook page and post your favorite memory of Mom in the comments section of our Mother’s Day post, which will be pinned to the top of the page. We want to hear it all: the funny, the outlandish, the sentimental. Enter to win until the end of the day on May 6th. We’ll notify the lucky winner on May 8th!

Need a little inspiration for your submission? Just think of all the selfless things Moms do for us over the years!

  • How many times were you sick in the middle of the night and Mom got up to take care of you or let you crawl into bed with her?
  • Remember those nights Mom patiently sat by your side to help you with homework or finish that overdue school project?
  • When it was time to leave the nest or go to college, what are those special things that only Mom could provide, that made the transition so much easier?

Ultimately, there is no one who will love you quite like a Mom will. Share your stories with us in the comments and share Mom’s love this Mother’s Day!