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Dads and Grads Giveaway 2018: Celebrate with Free TV!

Ah, Spring. With it comes beautiful weather, and the chaos of everything happening all at once. But with the chaos, let us not forget the reason behind the season, namely the excitement of all the graduates finally reaching the landmark they’ve worked so hard for, and celebrating the most important men in our lives, our dads.

In honor of our dads and grads, we are once again having our Dads and Grads TV Antenna Giveaway! This year we have several special offers:

  • Enter for your chance to win a TV antenna of your choice and a ClearStream TV WiFi Tuner Adapter
  • Get 20% off any antenna purchase with coupon code DADS20
  • Receive free shipping on orders of $49.99 or more

Enter Our Giveaway!

We know that our giveaway would make an awesome gift for any grad and dad in your life, but just in case you don’t win it, we want to offer you an awesome deal too! Our coupon code, DADS20 and free shipping on orders of $49.99 is available starting today through June 30th.

Grads, you’ve done an awesome job reaching your goals, and now we welcome you to the rest of your life. For all the challenges of adulting, it does promise less homework. Congrats.

Dads, you’ve been our rock through all our life challenges, and we thank you for being our hero. Kick back and relax, you deserve it!