Beware of Cheap Knock-Off Antennas This Holiday Season

You don’t want to be that lame aunt or uncle who gives the gift of a cheap TV antenna that won’t get the job done. Or the one who didn’t do any research and bought a knock-off antenna, only to find that when your nephew Steve hooks it up to his TV and performs a channel scan, he’s missing his favorite network. Yes, he will smile a toothy grin, and thank you anyway, while gritting his teeth and calling you a cheap-skate in his head, knowing that you could have chosen the best, most reliable TV antenna on the market for a few more bucks.

Yeah, don’t be that person.  Be the cool aunt or uncle who gives the gift of the most reliable free over-the-air television available from Antennas Direct!

That’s right, you have access to shower your loved ones with a state-of-the-art HDTV antenna engineered with advanced technology and tuned for the frequencies broadcast over-the-air today. You’ll be forever loved, and your nephew Steve will save thousands of dollars every year by ditching cable.

Be that person.

Seems simple enough, right? Well it can be, if you’re armed with this simple knowledge:

  • Not all performance claims are created equal. Antennas Direct, a U.S. company, is the only antenna manufacturer with advanced testing and research to back our performance claims. The others are guessing, and some may even be lying to you.
  • If it seems too cheap to work, it probably is. Most of the antennas on the market are leveraging old antenna technology – and by old, we mean 50-plus years old. TV was broadcast much differently back then, and our technology is specifically tuned for today’s broadcast frequencies.
  • Beware of cheap imports. Even if the box has a well-known brand on the front of it, it’s probably a stock antenna that someone has put their logo on. And that logo doesn’t guarantee performance. In fact, the low-cost imported antennas may not even be tuned to receive channels in the United States! It’s likely tuned for overseas frequencies.
  • Use the antenna selector tool. We’ve developed a handy selector tool to suggest the various types of antennas most suited for your area, along with a list of stations you’ll receive. There’s no guessing for Aunt Susan about what she may see when she hooks up her ClearStream TV antenna Christmas morning.

Best of all, it’s easy to buy an antenna that will make you look good this holiday season. It will work – even indoors! It will save your relatives thousands of dollars every year because they can give cable the boot. They’ll tell all their friends how you bought them the best gift ever! Get it today, so you’ll be ready to wrap it up for Christmas morning. Our ClearStream antennas, indoor and outdoor, are available at and Amazon. Or you can pick up a ClearStream TV antenna today in-stores at Best Buy (including Canada), Walmart, BJ’s Wholesale Clubs, and Lowe’s nationwide. Happy holidays!