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Antennas Direct and AirTV: Your New Favorite Way to Watch Broadcast Television!

If you know Antennas Direct, you know how passionate we are about liberating TV viewers from the shackles of cable TV. Although we’ve been on this mission since 2003, the cord-cutting movement has (finally!) caught on and we couldn’t be happier about the momentum it’s gathering. There are more and more options for watching your favorite shows and programs in high-definition for free, without any subscriptions or endless calls to customer service. The word has spread, as our antennas continue to prove themselves among the top-rated antennas as cord-cutters’ favorite brand, and we’re very excited to announce that our cord-cutting family will be privy to an even more exciting deal as of today!

Introducing: The AirTV Player. We’re officially launching two new bundles, available only through, which will be the perfect storm of efficiency and quality you’ll need to cut the cord and be free of cable fees. This device, paired with one of our antennas, combines all your streaming services into one device AND lets you enjoy your local, high-definition network television, all from one remote control. These bundles pack a punch:

  • The Indoor Bundle: This option marries the AirTV Player Dual-Tuner Adapter with Antennas Direct’s #1-rated indoor antenna, the ClearStream Eclipse® – which you’ll get for free, since this bundle is only $119.99. The antenna boasts the easiest installation available – just peel & stick on any smooth surface – and a 35+ mile range.
  • The Outdoor Bundle: Looking for a little more range in an antenna? Our #1-rated outdoor antenna, the ClearStream 2MAX®, boasts a 60+ mile range and requires little-to-no assembly. Paired in this bundle with the AirTV Player Dual-Tuner Adapter for just $139.99, you’re saving $60, not to mention all the money you’ll save every month with no cable fees.

Already have an HDTV antenna, because you’re one of the wise cord-cutters who has been saving money for years? We’ve thought of you, too, and you can purchase just the AirTV Player with Dual-Tuner Adapter on our website for $119.99 (but why not get the ClearStream Eclipse® for free?).

Why AirTV?

This is the only device you’ll need to quit cable for good. The AirTV Player Dual-Tuner Adapter connects directly to your antenna’s coaxial cable, feeding your free, local broadcast television channels to the AirTV Player. With just ONE remote, you can access the local channel guide, select your favorite channels to appear first, set up DVR functionality with an external hard-drive, and watch content from all the streaming services you already use, like Netflix, YouTube, or SlingTV. The Bluetooth remote is simple, easy to use, and can be voice-activated. The AirTV Player works with Google, so you’ll also have full access to the Google Play Store through your Google account.

Here’s the beset part: There are absolutely no subscriptions required to enjoy all the benefits of these bundles. Connect to your WiFi or Ethernet, sign up as a guest, scan for channels, and watch your savings account grow while you watch your favorite shows. If you do choose to sign up for a SlingTV streaming account, they are offering a $25 credit towards a new or existing SlingTV service to test-drive their content for a limited time.

We’re expecting these bundles to go fast, so be sure to check them out today! You’ll get one of the #1-rated antennas on the market delivering the highest-quality picture and sound available, plus an all-in-one device combining live TV, streaming, and DVR. Of course, our Connection Crew is always available 7 days a week to answer any questions you may have, so chat with us online or call 1-877-825-5572 if you need any more information.