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VHF TV Antennas

With approximately 9% of all HDTV stations broadcasting in the VHF band, a VHF TV antenna may be needed to get HDTV reception in some areas.

It is important to note, however, that most of our UHF antennas will capture high frequency VHF signals (Channels 7-13), so we typically only recommend using VHF antennas to capture the low end of the VHF band (Channels 2-6). Occasionally, a VHF capable antenna may also be required on channels 7 and 8. Please view our list of HDTV stations in your area. You will notice the VHF band channels in the Post DTV Channel column. 

ClearStream™ 5 UHF/VHF Ultra Long Range Outdoor DTV Antenna ClearStream™ 5 UHF/VHF Ultra Long Range Outdoor DTV Antenna

The ClearStream™ 5 Ultra Long Range VHF Antenna represents a breakthrough in VHF antenna performance. With the uniquely tuned element, the ClearStream™ 5 takes on the challenge of combining VHF and UHF signals. With a range of 65+ miles for High-VHF stations and a 35+ mile range for UHF stations, this is the ideal antenna for rural or suburban installations challenged with receiving signals through heavy foliage outdoors or roofing materials in attic applications.  The ClearStream™ 5 comes with a UHF/VHF signal combiner with a weatherproof housing, heavy duty u-bolts, mounting clamps, and hardware (coaxial cable and mount sold separately).

Range 65+ Miles for VHF and 35+ Miles for UHF          

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