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ClearStream™ Micron XG Indoor DTV Antenna with In-Line Amplifer Kit

ClearStream™ Micron XG Indoor DTV Antenna with In-Line Amplifier Kit

The ClearStream™ Micron XG represents the most powerful indoor antenna one can buy. The engineered reflector offers 3 times the gain of the standard Micron antenna while the inline amplifier ensures the maximum signal available is pushed through to your TV.
Range 35+ Mile


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The ClearStream™ Micron XG is three antennas in one!  

Designed for digital TV frequencies, the heightened gain performance of the ClearStream™ Micron XG is achieved with the ClearStream™ Micron Reflector and the Micron Variable In-Line Amplifier Kit.

The In-Line Amplifier offers +20dB gain and with the added Micron Reflector, the ClearStream™ Micron XG is the most powerful compact antenna in the world.
The Micron’s efficient, compact design offers excellent gain and impedance matching across the entire DTV spectrum. The ClearStream™ Micron XG is superior to existing compact antennas for receiving UHF DTV signals as well as having good directivity on all UHF DTV frequencies. The Micron XG is optimized for the UHF band, but should provide nominal reception of high VHF band signals for customers in stronger signal areas.

ClearStream™ Micron XG Assembly Instructions

Technical Data

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ClearStream™ Micron XG Antenna
  • Range: up to 35 miles with Reflector
  • Beamwidth (Horizontal Plane): 470 to 700 MHz: 70 degrees
  • VSWR: 2.5 typical; 4.0 max
  • Front to Back Ratio: Typical 15 dB
  • Directivity: XG Setup with reflector Max gain: 8.4 dBi

Micron Variable In-Line Amplifier Kit

  • In-Line Amplifier with +20dB gain
  • 6 ft. Coaxial Cable
  • Covers VHF/UHF and FM frequencies
  • 75 ohm F connector input and output
  • Includes 110 volt power adapter & 3 ft coax cable
  • For indoor use only

ClearStream™ Micron Reflector

  • Max gain: 8.4 dBi
  • VSWR: 2.5 typical; 4.0 max
  • 70 degree beamwidth

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Thomas N. Houston TX.
    My wife and I purchased a Clearstream™ Micron XG digital antenna and WE LOVE IT!!!!! Thank you so much for your WONDERFUL product. We live in a Houston TX Apartment Complex roughly 25-30 miles form local TV Stations. We have a Clearstream™ antenna for the living room and bedroom and we are able to pick up 60-70 stations. The main stations come in crystal clear HD Quality. We are especially thankful we are able to receive stations that have movies and old TV Shows. Thanks to you and your wonderful product we were able to discontinue our cable TV and save roughly $840 a year. I would definitely recommend your product. Thanks Again!!
  • Author: Armando Perez
    I just order my antenna so after I use I can give my opinion.

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