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ClearStream™ MAX TV Antennas

Engineered to receive a greater range of frequencies, with virtually no assembly!

New! ClearStream Max V

The ClearStream™ MAX-V TV Antenna

The same proven excellence in ClearStream™ performance and reliability, with efficient design and adaptable accessories, so you can customize to your own antenna experience.

60+ Mile Range


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For indoor, outdoor, and attic use
Multi-directional elements; no aiming necessary

The ClearStream 1MAX™ TV Antenna

Includes a keyhole for easy wall or fascia installation and all-weather mounting hardware. Stands on its own for easy placement indoors.
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40+ Miles

For indoor, outdoor, and attic use
Multi-directional elements; no aiming necessary

The ClearStream 2MAX™ TV Antenna

Includes an indoor base stand for easy placement indoors, 20" J-mount with pivoting base, and all-weather mounting hardware. No antenna assembly required.
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60+ Miles

For outdoor and attic use
Multi-directional elements; no aiming necessary

The ClearStream 4MAX™ TV Antenna

Includes a 20" J-mount with pivoting base and all-weather mounting hardware. Easy-connect antenna assembly.
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70+ Miles

The World's Most Advanced TV Antennas Just Got EVEN Better

Proven Performance and Reliability. The ClearStream MAX HDTV antennas feature little to no assembly and have scientifically out-performed the competition for reliable, long-range TV reception. As perfectionists and antenna enthusiasts, we constantly strive for innovation, therefore, we have taken the world's most advanced TV antennas and made them EVEN better. We have re-engineered the ClearStream MAX technology to receive a greater range of frequencies along with maintenance-free ruggedness to withstand 100 mph winds. They are powerful, easy to install and will save you money!

Whole Home Ready. An outdoor antenna will service many TVs. If your residence ever had satellite or cable TV service, but you're smart and not paying for TV anymore, you're in luck! The coaxial cable needed to distribute an antenna's signal throughout the home is already installed. Just hook up your new HDTV antenna and you've got FREE TV.

Lifetime Warranty. Can you think of a better guarantee in life than never having to pay for TV again? Each of our antennas comes with a lifetime warranty and 24/7 customer support.

ClearStream 4MAX™ TV Antenna mounted on roof of home

Lifetime Warranty

We are so confident with our advanced technology we offer the most comprehensive guarantee in the industry. Learn More >


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