false antenna range claims on an internet result page

Range Claim Lies Continue

The FTC just settled a lawsuit against an antenna manufacturer who clearly never read our blog. Selling antennas under several “brands”, the NY company Wellco sold over 800,000 antennas “based on false claims and using reviews from their competitors to market their own products.”

Our friends at Cord Cutting News published this article where you can read about the details of the claims made, the settlement, and the lies this company lists their product with to dupe their customers into a sale.

We didn’t think we’d have to write a blog explaining this, but here we are: TV antennas do not act of their own accord. They cannot and will not spontaneously “scan for new channels as they become available” – only your TV’s tuner can scan for channels when you start a channel scan using your remote control – and antennas STILL are limited to the current laws of physics as we know them in 2021. That means that the curve of the Earth’s surface prohibits any signals from being reached beyond about 70 miles. TV antenna manufacturers continue to market their products with flashy lines which are completely made up. In the same vein, this company also used “fabricated consumer endorsements,” according to this article from Law Street media.

We’re tired, you’re tired. Don’t get ripped off while trying to save money and stick with reliable products which last a lifetime.