TechRadar Review of the Clearstream Flex Indoor TV Antenna

TechRadar Reviews the Clearstream Flex

We were thrilled to see a rave review on our Clearstream Flex from Nick Pino, Senior Editor of Home Entertainment at TechRadar! Were we surprised? Of course not, we know our antennas are the best and we’re happy to share that knowledge with the world!

Here are some key takeaways from TechRadar’s review of the Clearstream Flex.

“The Antennas Direct Clearstream Flex indoor antenna offers rock-solid 50-mile radius reception for local digital channels at a lower price than some of its competitors.”

We’re extremely proud of our Antenna Point app, if you’re struggling to find the best location for your antenna, we HIGHLY recommend you download the app. “With the Antenna Point app it’s incredibly easy to see where broadcasters are in your area and how to best place your antenna to get the best reception.”

You can read TechRadar’s full review of the Flex HERE.

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