TechRadar Names the ClearStream FLEX the Best Overall Indoor Antenna

TechRadar recently published their list of the best indoor TV antennas of 2022, and we’re thrilled to see our name on the top of that list!

The fine folks over at TechRadar named our ClearStream FLEX the best overall indoor antenna, and this is honor we will proudly share with the world!

“For a mid-price antenna that delivers rock-solid HD channels within its 50-mile radius, your search stops here.”

The ultra-thin FLEX amplified HDTV antenna is our signature patented loop paired with a Hi-VHF element to enhance UHF and VHF signal reception. It is multi-directional and the reversible black or white design is paintable. Easy, low-profile installation makes this indoor antenna perfect just about anywhere you would want to watch TV!

The ClearStream FLEX features the Jolt Switch 15db in-line amplifier that can help strengthen the reception of your antenna. Depending on your location and proximity to the towers, you may not need to amplify your signal, and thanks to the “switch” you can easily turn the amplifier on and off.

Thanks to the included Jolt Switch and AntennaPoint app, the ClearStream FLEX is a powerful indoor antenna you should definitely add to your cord cutting setup.

2022 has been a great year for us, and we appreciate the love and support from TechRadar! If you haven’t checked out the ClearStream FLEX yet, now’s the time!