May 2024 Must-Watched Broadcast TV graphic with a butterfly and flowers

Must-Watch TV Shows: Upcoming Season Finales and Premieres for May 2024

As May blossoms into full swing, TV enthusiasts can rejoice in a lineup of captivating season finales, specials, and premieres, all accessible over-the-air and for free! The upcoming month promises an unforgettable voyage through network TV channels, featuring a variety of genres. Whether your taste leans towards a good mystery or laugh-out-loud comedies, there’s something on the horizon to satisfy every viewer’s appetite for TV entertainment. And don’t forget the option to enhance your viewing experience by tuning into these network channels for free with a TV antenna from Antennas Direct. So, grab your popcorn, sink into your favorite armchair, and get ready for exciting month of great broadcast TV! (All times are ET).

May 1st:
8:00pm: Jeopardy! Masters (ABC) – Season 2 Premiere

May 2nd:
8:30pm: Ghosts (CBS) – Season 3 Finale

May 5th:
9:00pm: Maryland (PBS) – Season 1 Premiere

May 6th:
8:00pm: The Neighborhood (CBS) – Season 6 Finale
8:30pm: Bob Hearts Abishola (CBS) – Series Finale
9:00pm: NCIS (CBS) – Season 21 Finale
10:00pm: NCIS: Hawai’i (CBS) – Season 3 Finale

May 8th:
9:00pm: Animal Control (FOX) – Season 2 Finale

May 9th:
8:00pm: Next Level Chef (FOX) – Season 3 Finale
9:00pm: Farmer Wants a Wife (FOX) – Season 2 Finale

May 12th:
9:30pm: Grimsburg (FOX) – Season 1 Finale

May 14th:
9:00pm: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: 10th Anniversary Special – Special
9:00pm: Alert: Missing Persons Unit (FOX) – Season 2 Finale

May 15th:
9:30pm: The Amazing race (CBS) – Season 36 Finale

May 16th:
8:00pm: Young Sheldon (CBS) – Series Finale
8:00pm: I Can See Your Voice (FOX) – Season 4B Premiere
9:00pm: So Help Me Todd (CBS) – Season 2 Finale
9:00pm: Don’t Forget the Lyrics (FOX) – Season 3 Premiere

May 17th:
8:00pm: SWAT (CBS) – Series Finale
9:00pm: Fire Country (CBS) – Season 2 Finale
10:00pm: Blue Bloods (CBS) – Season 14 Finale

May 18th:
10:00pm: 48 Hours (CBS) – Season 36 Finale

May 19th:
7:00pm: 60 Minutes (CBS) – Season 56 Finale
8:00pm: The Simpsons (FOX) – Season 35 Finale
8:00pm: The Equalizer (CBS) – Season 4 Finale
8:30pm: Krapopolis (FOX) – Season 1 Finale
9:00pm: The Great North (FOX) – Season 4 Finale
9:00pm: Tracker (CBS) – Season 1 Finale
9:30pm: Bob’s Burgers (FOX) – Season 14 Finale
10:00pm: CSI: Vegas (CBS) – Season 3 Finale

May 20th:
8:00pm: MasterChef Junior (FOX) – Season 9 Finale
9:00pm: So You Think You Can Dance (FOX) – Season 18 Finale

May 21st:
8:00pm: The Cleaning Lady (FOX) – Season 3 Finale
8:00pm: FBI (CBS) – Season 6 Finale
9:00pm: FBI: International (CBS) – Season 3 Finale
10:00pm: FBI: Most Wanted (CBS) – Season 5 Finale

May 22nd:
8:00pm: The Masked Singer (FOX) – Season 11 Finale
8:00pm: Survivor (CBS) – Season 46 Finale
8:00pm: Jeopardy! Masters (ABC) – Season 2 Finale
9:00pm: Gordon Ramsey’s Food Stars (FOX) – Season 2 Premiere

May 23rd:
10:00pm: Elsbeth (CBS) – Season 1 Finale

May 28th:
8:00pm: Beat Shazam (FOX) – Season 7 Premiere
8:00pm: America’s Got Talent (NBC) – Season 19 Premiere
9:00pm: The Quiz With Balls (FOX) – Series Premiere

May 29th:
8:00pm: MasterChef: Generations (FOX) – Season 14 Premiere