The Mancave Reviews the ClearStream FUSION Amplified Outdoor TV Antenna

There are many things that make our latest TV antenna, the ClearStream FUSION™ Amplified Indoor/Outdoor Antenna, pretty special, but we’re not the only ones who are pointing out what this new antenna technology can deliver! Our friends down at the Mancave recently reviewed the ClearStream FUSION, and had great things to say!

First, they focused on the FUSION’s versatility. The antenna can be placed indoors or outdoors, it comes with an USB in-line amplifier, so amplification is available if your TV signal needs a boost, you can pivot the base for ease-of-installation, and it is multi-directional, so you don’t need to aim the antenna towards any specific broadcast tower. With all these features, you might think this antenna is complicated, but it’s not. The ClearStream FUSION has a simple design and requires no assembly other than the mounting bracket.

“I like the design of the Clearstream Fusion, it’s simplistic but innovative design allows you to place the antenna without having to adjust and readjust thanks to its multi directional capabilities. The ClearStream Fusion has a sleek look and is low profile for a long range antenna that boast a 60+ mile range. If you are looking at options for cutting the cord and want an unobtrusive antenna then check out the Clearstream Fusion. It’s design, multidirectional capabilities, clear picture and long reach make it a great option.”

We’re always thrilled to hear when people love our antennas! Everyone has a different situation when it comes to owning an antenna, whether you’re in an apartment, house, dorm, or even RVing, we do our best to make sure there’s an antenna to fit every need. If the ClearStream FUSION sounds right for you, but you’re not quite sure, don’t hesitate to contact our Connection Crew, or visit our transmitter locator page to see what TV channels you could be watching for free with a TV antenna.

Check out our website for more details on the ClearStream FUSION, and read the rest of Mancave’s review!