Results image of Clearstream Eclipse loops so nice we made them twice

Loops so nice…We made them twice!

If you’ve ever looked for TV antennas online or in retail stores, you’ve probably come across the ClearStream ECLIPSE™ Indoor HDTV antenna. You may have marveled at its top-rated performance for such a small, indoor antenna, its unique, modern design, or its versatility and ease-of-use.

How could we improve upon our #1-rated indoor TV antenna, as consistently ranked by prominent media experts in the antenna industry? Not satisfied with resting on our laurels, our engineers took on the task of doing just that. Introducing: The ClearStream ECLIPSE™ 2 Amplified Indoor TV Antenna.

Our newest addition to the ClearStream family is the only indoor antenna which features our patented double loop in such a compact form, increasing range, enhancing reception, and further perfecting your over-the-air broadcast television viewing experience. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Power and Performance: The ClearStream Eclipse 2 element is the same double-loop element we use in our ClearStream 2 and 4 outdoor antenna series, effectively bringing outdoor antenna technology to your new indoor TV antenna. This antenna delivers a true 60-mile range and the highest standard of performance you’ve come to know and trust from our outdoor antennas, with the discretion and ease-of-use of our award-winning indoor antenna.
  • Added Power: Need a boosted signal? The ClearStream Eclipse 2 comes with our ClearStream 20dB in-line amplifier system for added range and signal amplification, with efficient tuning so the result is clean, uninterrupted reception.
  • Multi-Directional Technology: Our antennas are expertly tuned to receive signals from widely-spaced broadcast towers, so you don’t have to aim your antenna to receive channels from the maximum number of towers available to you, even if they are in different directions.
  • Sleek, Modern, Adaptable Design: Tech experts and lifestyle creators have often remarked on the aesthetics of the ultra-thin, flexible ClearStream Eclipse. The ClearStream Eclipse 2 follows suit and can blend seamlessly into any décor. Reversible so you can choose to show either the black or white side, or paint it to match any space for the ultimate custom antenna experience.
  • Easy Installation: Includes two peel & stick strips which allow you to reposition your antenna over and over, 15 ft. of high-performance coaxial cable, detachable for convenience and accommodation of different cable lengths, and our ClearStream In-Line Amplifier System with USB cable and power adaptor. The ClearStream Eclipse 2 couldn’t be any simpler to use: Connect to your TV, place the antenna on any smooth surface facing your local broadcast towers for best reception, perform a channel scan, and you’re watching crystal-clear HDTV for free!

Two Loops Are Better Than One…Here’s Where to Find Your New Indoor TV Antenna:

Haven’t cut the cord yet, or you have and you’re looking for the perfect gift for the upcoming holidays? Come straight to the source – The ClearStream Eclipse 2 Amplified Indoor TV Antenna is available exclusively at For the one-time price of $69.99, your new HDTV antenna comes supported by our lifetime warranty – unique in the industry – and in-person customer support available 7 days a week. Never pay for TV again. We’ve got your back. Welcome to the Antennas Direct cord-cutting family!