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The Right Indoor Antenna Can Make ALL The Difference

We often recommend to people who are new to cutting the cord or who might be a little uncertain about installing a TV antenna to give an indoor antenna a shot. That way they can get a grasp on the concept of over-the-air television and using an TV antenna without jumping through the hoops of a large installation. And for many folks, an indoor TV antenna is all they’ll ever need! It all depends on your location, the location of the towers and what channels the available channels in your area.

Jim Rossman, a reporter for the Dallas News, had been using an indoor HDTV antenna to pull in free over-the-air stations, but noticed he was experiencing a bit of pixilation and sometimes poor reception. Rather than suffer with sub-par performance, he gave our ClearStream Eclipse indoor 50-mile range TV antenna a shot and was thrilled with the results!

Since installing the Eclipse, Jim has not experienced any pixilation and the picture is coming through crystal clear. Plus, he can move the antenna to different locations indoors with ease thanks to the Sure Grip , which means no mounting equipment, holes in your walls or damage to the wall/window.

A big thank you to Jim for taking the time to try out our ClearStream Eclipse indoor HDTV antenna, and we’re thrilled to hear you’re experiencing such great results! Next time we’re in the Dallas area, we hope you’ll invite us over to watch some TV, we’ll even bring the snacks.

If you’re in the market for a new HDTV antenna, or want to cut the cord completely and join the cool kids club, give us a call today! We can help you determine what antenna would work best for your exact location and you’ll be on your way to TV Freedom.


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