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Our ClearStream TV Antennas are Ready for the Channel Repack, Are You?

If you have, or want, free over-the-air TV, you’ll need to be prepared for the TV spectrum repack. This means you will need to rescan the channels on your television or converter box, and having a TV antenna that can keep up with these frequency changes.

Currently, all your TV channels are on their own frequencies. Prior to 2009, these stations had their own TV channel numbers. There was channel 4, 5, 9, you get the idea. Then after the digital transition, many of the TV channels we watch today were split into sub channels, also known as multicasts, so you can watch different programing in the same subset of TV channels. With a TV antenna, you will see channel 9.1, 9.2, 9.3, 9.4, etc., using a TV antenna to watch the most trusted news, weather, emergency information, and the BEST network and local TV shows.

Of course, as technology advanced over the years, the amount of frequency needed to transmit wireless services has increased. That’s why the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) sold a block of frequencies they are calling the repack of the television band. All broadcast TV channels are being condensed or share a channel on a lower frequency to make room for more wireless services on the higher end of the UHF spectrum. Some stations will move to lower UHF frequency bands (channels 14-36) while some others will move to VHF (channels 2-13). Unfortunately, a lot of antennas being used today only receive UHF signals.

What does that mean to YOU?

If all the talk of frequencies and UHF and VHF are making your head spin, don’t worry. All you need to know is that Antennas Direct has done all the research for you, and we have been preparing for the upcoming spectrum changes. Most of our HDTV antennas receive both UHF and VHF frequencies, so all you’ll have to do is rescan your TV channels to keep watching the shows you love. If you are not sure your current antenna will receive both UHF and VHF, just give us a call or send us a message.

Looking for a powerful TV antenna? We’ve designed all our ClearStream TV antennas, with the upcoming frequency changes in mind. Other antenna companies haven’t updated their technology since your grandmother used the old bunny ears.  We, on the other hand, continually research and develop our TV antennas to stay in the forefront of getting you the BEST TV available in your area. When these frequencies changes happen in your area, the ClearStream line of TV antennas are ready to receive the signals, all in high-definition, and can be used in your attic, indoors or outdoors.

We’re here to help keep you informed on the latest news. You can check out our blog on rescanning your TV, and we will update our blog from time to time when frequencies changes are preparing for another transition, so stay tuned! Find more information on which of your local channels are moving and when at