Five Ways Antennas Direct and Plex Make Cord-Cutting Easy

Can cutting the cable cord really save you money? The answer is YES according to USA Today readers, and there’s a trick: the one-time purchase of an antenna, which gets you access to all your free, local broadcast channels (in HD). Fear of not being able to DVR The Bachelor holding you back? Wondering how you will find what to watch without the handy cable programming guide? Not willing to sacrifice cheering on your local sports team? All you need is a ClearStream TV Tuner from Antennas Direct, one of their best-selling antennas, and a Plex Pass (and for an even sweeter deal, when you buy a ClearStream TV Tuner you get a free month of Plex Pass). Check out these top-five live TV and DVR tips:

  1. Confirm your local channel availability with our Channel Lookup feature.
  2. Plex offers a best-in-class DVR with a grid-view program guide, so you can see what’s on and record it to watch later, from any device, anywhere.   
  3. Don’t sacrifice your favorite shows or local news and sports! With over-the-air (OTA) antennas from Antennas Direct you will still have access to network channels like Fox, CW, CBS, NBC, PBS, and more, and all your local, live news and sports broadcasts.*
  4. Plex offers time shifting, an easy way to pause/play, fast forward, rewind, and skip commercials.
  5. SAVE MONEY and join the estimated 33 million other people who have canceled their pay-TV subscriptions.

Want step-by-step instructions on how to set up Plex Live TV with DVR? Go here. Now the only question left is what will you do with the cash you save?

*Exact channel availability based on location