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Difference Between a Distribution Amplifiers and a Preamplifier

What is the difference between your PA18 and CPA19 preamplifiers and what is the difference between a distribution amplifier and a preamplifier? Thanks! From Paul in Union, MO

Hi Paul,

A distribution amplifier is helpful if you have a good signal at the splitter, but not after splitting. Distribution amplifiers are usually one piece and are meant to be used indoors. They are used to overcome splitter loss and meant to “distribute” TV signals to multiple locations.

A digital antenna preamplifier can be used outside with your outside antenna. It usually comes as a 2 part unit with the amplifier mounted at the antenna and the power supply mounted in the house. A preamp is meant to overcome signal loss due to long cable lengths between the antenna and your TV or splitter.

The CPA19 has a slightly lower noise figure than the PA18 and was designed specifically to compliment the ClearStream line of antennas.

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