Cord Cutters’ Delight: Here’s how easy it is to set up your new AirTV Player!

You’ve probably heard about all the TV-streaming devices, boxes, and sticks that have hit the market in recent years. Maybe you’ve tried a couple of them, given up, or just given in to the endless switching between remotes, streaming programs, and your local broadcast TV stations (you know, with shows like This Is Us, Black-ish – the kind you get for free with an antenna).

Antennas Direct is always looking for better and easier ways to enjoy TV, and guess what? We’ve found the answer to all your TV-watching woes: The AirTV Player, paired with one of our #1-rated ClearStream HDTV antennas! From just one device, access all your streaming apps, watch your local TV channels, enjoy DVR capabilities and a free channel guide, and all with ONE remote control!

Two exclusive bundles with the AirTV Player + Dual-Tuner Adapter are available through our website. The Outdoor Bundle saves you $60 on the price of the ClearStream® 2MAX, and the Indoor Bundle gets you our top-rated ClearStream Eclipse® antenna for FREE! Both bundles include everything you need for the easiest TV-watching experience since the invention of the remote control. To prove this, we are going to walk you through our setup process:

Right out of the box, everything about the installation was simple. Instructions are short and straightforward, and setup with our Google account was fast. We connected the provided Dual-Tuner Adapter to our indoor antenna and the AirTV Player, hooked it all up to our TV with the provided HDMI cable, turned on the AirTV, and paired the Bluetooth remote within 5 minutes. Then we followed the on-screen instructions to connect to WiFi and create a guest account with Sling, using our Google account. No credit card information to enter at any point – this device is totally free to use! This was perhaps our favorite part, understandably: Performing a channel scan for your local channels is part of the setup! It only took a few minutes, and with access to Netflix, the Google Play Store, YouTube, and all of  our other streaming services, we were ready for TV-watching bliss.

The voice-activated Bluetooth remote is SO responsive (and came with batteries!) but most importantly, through the AirTV Player, it also serves as a remote for our TV. Let’s rephrase: you only need one remote control from now-on. The first thing we did was browse through the (free) channel guide to see what was on. No lag time or waiting for channel data to load – the AirTV Player’s channel guide outdoes any cable guide we’ve ever seen. This device is also DVR-ready! With an external hard-drive (sold separately) or a subscription with access to SlingTV’s cloud, you can really have everything you’ve heard people say they’re afraid of losing if they quit cable.

That’s it! If you’re as excited about efficient, simple TV-watching as we are, get your exclusive bundle today and thank us later. We promise, you won’t miss cable one bit!