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Antennas Direct Announces the ClearStream Eclipse Indoor TV Antenna

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The days of finding the perfect placement for your antenna are over! No more putting holes in your wall, fighting with your spouse over antenna location, or intrusive technology cramping your style. Introducing the all-new ClearStream™ Eclipse with Sure Grip™ Technology. This indoor antenna has a unique design that allows it to grip to virtually any flat surface, such as a wall or window. The ClearStream™ Eclipse can be repositioned countless times on any smooth surface to achieve the best reception and never loses its grip!

The secret to the ClearStream™ Eclipse’s ability to deliver HD programming? The patented tapered loop, of course! The ClearStream™ Eclipse is efficient and powerful, engineered to deliver uncompromised indoor, high-gain digital reception.

We are releasing two versions of the ClearStream™ Eclipse: Amplified and Passive.

The ClearStream™ Eclipse Passive antenna can reach up to 25 miles and comes with a lifetime warranty. The ClearStream™ Eclipse Passive Indoor HDTV antenna is being sold for $69.99.

The Amplified model can reach up to 35 miles with a max gain of 4.35 dBi. The heightened gain performance of the ClearStream™ Eclipse Amplified antenna is achieved with the 20 dB In-Line Preamplifier System. The antenna is being sold for $99.99.

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