Results image of people waiting in line for antennas in Macon Georgia

#ADBusTour Giveaway #2: Macon, Georgia

For our second stop of the TV Liberation Bus Tour, we stopped in Macon, the Heart of Georgia. We spent the morning at WGXA Fox 16 and ABC 24 promoting the giveaway and met some truly lovely people who were thrilled to spread awareness of over-the-air television and receiving broadcast TV for FREE with a TV antenna.

This giveaway was a little different than our others. We had the support of a local Papa John’s that decided to give out free pizza to everyone waiting in line, so we had the giveaway at 6PM. We had people lining up in the heat of the day, starting at 9AM to receive their antenna! Those are some dedicated folks who are looking to cut costs and access free TV.

WGXA had their entire staff out to help hand out water, tshirts and flyers to the crowd and it was great to have their support. To see their full coverage from the event, you can catch the segments HERE.

We ended up giving away 400¬†antennas in Macon and had around 1000¬†people show up for their chance to take one home. It’s amazing to hear their stories and learn why they came out to join us at the #ADBusTour.

We are now back on the bus and making our way to Charleston, SC, where we will be giving away 300 antenna Wednesday at 6AM at WCIV: ABC News 4. If you want to be guaranteed an antenna, be sure to get in line early!


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