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Our 5 Predictions for 2019

Here at Antennas Direct, we’re always excited to welcome everything that the future has in store for us. As we close out another year of liberating millions of Americans from unhappy relationships with their cable companies, we are confident that 2019 will bring even more wonderful things for free, over-the-air broadcast TV. In true New Year’s fashion, we’ve prepared a list of our Top Five TV Predictions for 2019:

  1. We predict that the cable companies (who shall remain unnamed) will keep up the great work. They’re really going above and beyond in the customer service department, and as you can imagine, that’s boosting our spirits quite a bit.

If you can’t tell, we’re being heavily sarcastic here. The fact of the matter is, few (OK, maybe zero) entities are more despised than the cable companies. The American people resent overpaying for an overwhelming amount of content they don’t watch and being treated like dirt by customer service when they inevitably have issues with a bill or their service. We give the people what they want – TV that is FREE over-the-air (and it’s in high-definition)! Plus, customer service happens to be our thing. Our customers love our customer service team (the feeling is mutual!), and will continue to show them the love in 2019, while continuing to relentlessly complain about cable.

  1. We predict that ATSC 3.0 will be everything we’ve ever dreamed of and SO much more. We know we’ll be receiving advanced emergency alerts while satellite dishes fail to bring in any signal during an emergency. Our uniquely engineered antennas provide unparalleled reliability in these situations, and always out-perform the competition on sunny days, too. Plus, when 3.0 rolls out, over-the-air TV viewers will be receiving even more local channels for free, and in 4K! Imagine the hassle-free viewing options you’ll experience. Make sure you’re ready for the new ATSC 3.0 standard with an antenna from Antennas Direct.
  2. We predict that free, over-the-air broadcast television will continue to knock our socks off. Right now, we are completely hooked on “This Is Us”, “The Bachelor”, and “The Price Is Right”. It doesn’t get much better than a beautiful & emotional love drama, some ridiculous guilty pleasure reality TV, and a classic addicting gameshow – all for free.
  3. We predict that we’ll liberate many, many more Americans from unhealthy relationships with their cable companies in 2019. Since opening our doors in 2003, we’ve saved antenna owners over $10,000,000,000 collectively, by helping them to rediscover free, over-the-air broadcast television. That’s right – we’ve provided the American people with one of the largest economic stimulus packages in history! We will keep pushing the envelope until everyone in the USA has been liberated from their cable subscription. No more toxic relationships in 2019!
  4. We predict that our ClearStream ECLIPSE® Indoor HDTV antenna will continue to be recognized as the best Indoor HDTV Antenna on the face of the earth. We’ve already been named #1 by several well-respected tech reporters and media outlets like Wirecutter, Money Magazine, and Cord Cutters News, to name a few. We’re excited to see who else picks up on this incredible antenna in 2019!

2019 is going to be an amazing year for cord-cutters watching free, over-the-air broadcast television in HD.  All of us at Antennas Direct are thankful for what this past year has sent our way and we can’t wait for what’s next. What are you most excited about as we ring in the new year?